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Often the real root causes of incidents are overlooked or incorrectly identified, Karl strives to educate industry of the importance of correctly identifying these root causes and the corrective actions needed to prevent reoccurrence.

The basis of a great health & safety system is having all staff, from the CEO to the shop floor fully engaged in a culture of safety.  Audiences hear how the small things we do can impact on everyone’s safety.

Karl’s extensive work background, with real world examples, means his message really hits home. He will spread the safety message from the boardroom to construction site. Making your workplace a safer environment.

If you have another topic you would like to discuss please contact Karl.

Karl Berendt is available for public speaking engagements, and is currently speaking on the topics below.

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Root Cause Analysis

  • Why Investigators should focus on the what, not the who. This presentation will focus on some common misconceptions of investigating an incident or event and how you, the operator/owner, can formulate more accurate and informed corrective actions by identifying the actual root cause of an incident.

This relaxed and informal presentation will assist attendees in discovering that, while the topic may sound daunting, a good investigation system with some basic knowledge will enable the adoption of meaningful safeguards and the reoccurrence of identified causal issues less likely.


Changing Culture – Creating a Safety Culture in Your Business

Safety Cultures consist of shared attitudes, beliefs and practices where everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis. A positive safety culture means a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

This presentation will explore the steps to creating a culture of safety within your business and how to make it a reality.


Human Performance in Safety Management and Investigation

The role of Human Performance in incident prevention and investigation is often misunderstood and can result in the ineffective use of resources.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an understanding of Human Performance within the field of effective safety management and investigation, enabling the more productive use of resources in corrective action implementation

“The success of a presentation is judged not by the knowledge sent
but by what the listener receives”