Helping Industry to Achieve a Safe & Productive Workplace

We service a world-wide client base and specialise in all aspects of incident investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

The Incident Prevention Group was established to assist industry achieve a safe workplace by providing quality services and training options.
The start for many of those in the company was in the drilling sector. This high risk industry helped us build a solid reputation.
We service a large range of industries including but not limited to Construction, Defence, Drilling, Health, Manufacturing, Petrochemicals and Forestry.

Incident Prevention Group provides a responsive and professional investigative service and analysis of safety, quality, environmental incidents and equipment failures.
With the large range of experience we have as a team, we strive to provide real world solutions for our clients.

Our experienced and ever expanding team deliver a unique range of specialist training services, designed to provide solutions for your organisation.
Our courses not only help individuals, but also organisations who are looking to improve performance and increase efficiency.

 As a company we can offer a single point of contact which will aid companies to achieve and maintain success in critical areas of safety –
competent people, safe work practices/systems and smarter corrective actions.

As a wise man once said,  “If you’re not pedalling then you are going downhill”. As such, Incident Prevention Group
is strongly focused to the philosophy of continual improvement.

If you have any questions or would like further advice please call or email us for an immediate,
professional and uncomplicated response.